Paducah Show BooksWhat a wonderful time I had in Paducah.  I went with my friend Darlene and we had a great week.  Suzanne Marshall rode there with us so we had a lovely time chatting away.  For the first time we stayed in a home in the city… more yucky hotels!!!  Our host was delightful and her home was so bright and cheery.  We were fortunate to locate such a wonderful place to stay and it’s centrally located 🙂

We took Alex Anderson’s lecture, an evening of entertainment with Ricky Tims (which was excellent!) and Suzanne Marshall’s lecture.  It was heaven to have several days to stroll through all the quilts.  All and all a wonderful show.

Here are all my purchases in ONE bag 🙂 Yes, it’s a big bag but it’s only ONE bag!  


Here they are out of the bag!  I bought almost 60 yards of fabric and almost all of it was $4/yard! 

Here’s a couple of closer pictures:








The panel with the tree is a needlework from Tambani Textiles & Gifts from Africa.  Some of the villagers are quite skilled needle workers and the not-for-profit organization helps them use their needlework to earn money.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet but I know something will come to me.




I must have had too much excitement because I’ve gotten sick but it was well worth it.  Cherie

Where Did April Go?

My brother mentioned I hadn’t blogged in April and I just couldn’t believe it!! But it’s true. I took some pictures but never got aroung to blogging. So here’s what I’ve been up to: Update…can’t upload pictures 🙁 So, it’s off to Paducah for four days!!! Maybe I’ll have permission to upload photos when I return 🙂


I can insert pictures now 😉 Soooooo, I’ve been crocheting rugs. The first one is from a sheet and it will need another sheet or two to be big enough so that means more Goodwill shopping, darn 😉 The second one is done using fabric scraps but it takes a LOT of fabric so it might be a while before it’s big enough to call a rug.  The last rug is from old t-shirts.  I cut the t-shirts straight across the bottom in 1″ strips all the way up, stopping under the sleeves.  This yields 1″ bands (like rubber bands) which I join together just like a rubber band chain.  It’s quite a bit heavier than the other rugs and will take approx 15-20 shirts to get it a decent size.


T-shirt Rug

I was having so much fun working on these crumb blocks I had to make myself put the scraps away after making 52 six and half inch blocks. I’m not going to allow myself to make any more crumb blocks until I make a top out some of the ones I’ve done.

Crumb Blocks

End of March

Here are the first Mountain blocks.  Two finished, one cut ready to sew and one before cutting.  I’m almost finished cutting up the shirts!

Mountain Blocks Shirts

The crumb blocks keep on growing…..I think I’ll use them as leader enders as I work on the Mountain blocks if I can keep the scrap salad under control : )

More Crumb Blocks 

Here’s a closer picture of some of them.  I really like them but am pondering what color of sashing to use to pull it all together.

Crumb Blocks Closer

More Fun :)

I just can’t believe how much fun I’m having with these crumb blocks. I now have 15 squared up 6 1/2″ blocks and quite a few more growing :-).

Crumb Fun

I couldn’t wait to finish cutting up the shirts for the Mountain (Scrappy Mountain Majesties is too long to write everytime) quilt so I’ve cut a couple of 8 1/2″ squares that I’ll sew up this weekend.

Mountain Beginnings

Scrap Salad

So I’ve squared up some of the crumb blocks and look at my “scrap salad”!! I have several more blocks in progress and am having such fun with these.

Scrap SaladCrumb Blocks

A couple of us at work are learning to make crocheted rugs from fabric strips. I bought a sheet from Goodwill this weekend and cut it into strips. The blue & white piece under the ball is another sheet waiting to be stripped.

Ball of Fabric