More Quilting!!

I finished two charity quilts this weekend. I broke a needle and knocked the timing out on my machine for the first time. It only took one phone call, albeit a long one, to my dad to get the timing re-set. I did free motion quilting on both of these quilts. After the last pantograph, I wanted less stressful quilting. One of these quilts was a bit wavy and I wanted to give it special attention to see if I could “quilt it out”. I think I did a pretty good job. I have one more left to quilt as we are trying to get these finished up to make our donation deadline.

Here’s the wavy quilt (click to see larger picture):

Charity Quilt…. Charity Quilt Close Up

And here’s a redwork quilt.

Red Work Quilt


Longarm Quilting

Here’s a couple more charity quilts I finished this week.  The stamped cross stiched panel and the embroidered blocks were donated to the guild and a member pieced the tops.  I decided to use a pantograph on the panel one even though it would go on top of the cross stitching and free motioned the embroidered blocks.  I need more practice (which is why there isn’t a close up of the stitching, Mumsy).

Popcorn Panto Free Motion

Casper, Again

Casper isn’t one of those cats with a particular location that is “his”.  Although he does have his favorite spots, I’m likely to find him curled up anywhere.  What was he thinking this time?  That Simontacchi wouldn’t be able to bother him, I’ll bet!

Cute Casper


This past week I finished hand sewing the binding down on this quilt, from the 2004 First Saturday program at the Quilted Fox. My mom quilted this one for me and she used a pantograph with butterflies.

Foxy Stars Finished Foxy Stars Complete

I quilted yet another charity quilt and this time used a pantograph. It went pretty well as I’m starting to get the hang of the whole looking ahead thing. I need to get the hang of the “looking up at the quilt” thing too as it’s a waste of time to get to the end of a row and discover you ran out of bobbin right after starting!!!

Another Charity Quilt First Panagraph

Cute Cats

Both of my cats were being cute this weekend.  Here’s Casper in a new hiding place made available after the shelves were cleared for the AT&T U-verse installation.    (Double click to get larger images of any of these)

Casper on Shelf

And Simontacchi is keeping warm.  He crawls up under the quilt and makes himself at home.  He woke up so he’s peaking at me to see what I’m up to 🙂

Simontacchi Under the Quilt

I’ve made good head way cutting up the Scappy Mountain Majasties shirts.  There are a couple more light ones and lots of darks ones left to go! 

Cut Up Shirts