Recyled Cabins

I started a few test log cabin blocks from the Goodwill shirts. I need to add more logs before I’ll I know if I’m happy with them. I think the darks need to be completely dark and the lights completely light for them to work but that sometimes makes them boring. A few medium darks/medium lights give it more spice but I don’t want to loose the light/dark side of the blocks. We shall see…..

Recycled Cabins Test

Eyesight & Applique

I started an appliqué project and realize my eyesight isn’t what it used to be.  With a good strong light and not so tired eyes it’s still okay but otherwise I feel like I’m guessing where the needle is going.  I wear glasses and can’t just throw on some magnifiers……ah, well.  Life is good and decreasing eyesight is worth the price to hang around  🙂

Shirts from the Goodwill

I’ve been collecting old shirts from the Goodwill for over a year now to make a log cabin quilt tentatively titled “Recycled Cabins”. Here are several stacks of fabric, with the seams cut away and the buttons salvaged. Boy are there a lot of buttons in my button box now!

Old Shirts

And here’s a stack ready for cutting into 1 1/2″ strips.

Old Shirts

Baby Quilts!

Contemporary Baby Quilt

Here is the contemporary quilt top made from the antique reproduction baby quilt. The sashing fabric is from my trip to Argentina. I love the way the three directional fabrics play. Do you see my humble?? Here’s the backing which used up all my scraps from the front.

Baby Quilt Backing

And here’s the top in the reproduction fabrics (without the cute diamonds in the corner stones..not enough green left!) The back for this one is nothing fancy, just blocks of leftover pinks pieced together.

Reproduction Antique Baby Quilt

Finished, Well Sort Of

This weekend I finished piecing the back to one of the two quilts I made from this pattern in the American Patchwork & Quilting magazine. I’ll have to take pictures of mine but this is the quilt. I’ve been wanting to use striped fabric for sashing or borders and had some I bought in Argentina that has both pink and green in it. Well, it seemed to lean towards modern colors and I still wanted an “antique” feel so I picked out a reproduction green and pulled together a second quilt. The tops, backings and bindings are now finished. In May I received an old but new to me Nolting long arm quilting machine so I guess quilting these is now up to me!

Antique Reproduction Baby Quilt