‘Nita Coming Soon

A new sewing machine is joining my herd soon and I can’t wait!  Her name is ‘Nita after her owner, my friend’s mom, Juanita and it’s a privilege to continue her sewing legacy.  ‘Nita is a Singer 201-2 in an Art Deco cabinet.  Bonnie Hunter has a cabinet like this that she found on Craig’s List so I’m in great company, right?  😉   The 201’s are awesome machines and I can’t wait to receive this wonderful gift! 

‘Nita the 201-2

I know Juanita sewed a great deal, mostly clothing, and while the cabinet looks plenty used, the machine, especially the decals, look to be in great shape!

‘Nita in her Art Deco cabinet

Greek Isle I Finished!

Using the 24 blocks from the Quilted Fox First Saturday program (Aug 2013-July 2014), I made two quilt tops and I’ve quilted, bound, labeled and gifted the first one.

Greek Isle I Top
Greek Isle I Finished!
Greek Isle I Gift

The ribbon is the fabric I used for the binding…..the recipient loves purple and I didn’t have any suitable purple batiks in my stash……but my magnificent thrifted shirt collection had a perfect alternative 😉

Happy quilting, Cherie

Orange You Glad

Orange you glad I found some orange shirts at my latest GW shopping trip?  I sure am because I was thought I had enough broken dishes blocks, buuuut then I thought I could make my BD’s quilt bigger 😉  This month I made only one combo in orange for the RSC as I didn’t have any other orange shirtings.  I do love this combo though 🙂

Linking up with So Scrappy, for the 2018 Rainbow Challenge.

Scrap Club Finish

I finally finished off the uneven log cabin throw from scrap club.  True to form, I was sewing down the binding right up to the last minute and this is the only picture I have of it 😉

Happy Quilting, Cherie

The Wedding Quilt

One of our daughters got married last fall.  She chose fall colors for her wedding and her favorite color is purple.  A wedding quilt was in order but what to make, what to make.  How about a quilt with more than 2,600 pieces?  Yes, that sounds about right 😉  I picked Bonnie Hunter’s Scrap Crystals.

Scrap Crystals is in Bonnie’s book More Adventures with Leaders and Enders. But those colors just won’t do…….so I brought out my fall colored scraps and got to sewing.  Oh, I’m liking this.

I keep sewing those half square triangles and squares and soon I had blocks and then sashing!  My helper kept me on track (yeah, that’s what we’ll call it) and soon I was assembling the top.

The colors above aren’t true, well not for the center sashing strip.  It’s a nice eggplant purple like the picture below of the border.   I quilted it with variegated thread and I was quite pleased with the results.

I had another helper when it came to sewing down the binding……oh, and I found the perfect backing fabric.  I know this because EVERYBODY comments on the wonderful backing fabric.  Hey, all the work is on the front, pay attention, people!!

I was thrilled with the completed top and I think the bride and groom were as well.

Happy Quilting, Cherie