A Demise

It is a sad, sad day. Hot & Steamy I, one of two identical irons I’ve had for YEARS, has finally died. They weren’t expensive. They didn’t develop leaks. They got hot and maintained their temperature. The auto shut off feature kicked in at a decent interval and then heated right back up.

They got their names when another quilter at a sew day exclaimed, “Wow, this iron is hot AND steamy.”  You can imagine where the conversations went from there  🙂  She went out with a sizzle….I suspected the end was coming as the plug had started getting very hot.  I hope Hot & Steamy II lives on forever.  Because, irons, even expensive ones, aren’t made like they used to be……….

‘Nita Coming Soon

A new sewing machine is joining my herd soon and I can’t wait!  Her name is ‘Nita after her owner, my friend’s mom, Juanita and it’s a privilege to continue her sewing legacy.  ‘Nita is a Singer 201-2 in an Art Deco cabinet.  Bonnie Hunter has a cabinet like this that she found on Craig’s List so I’m in great company, right?  😉   The 201’s are awesome machines and I can’t wait to receive this wonderful gift! 

‘Nita the 201-2

I know Juanita sewed a great deal, mostly clothing, and while the cabinet looks plenty used, the machine, especially the decals, look to be in great shape!

‘Nita in her Art Deco cabinet

Greek Isle I Finished!

Using the 24 blocks from the Quilted Fox First Saturday program (Aug 2013-July 2014), I made two quilt tops and I’ve quilted, bound, labeled and gifted the first one.

Greek Isle I Top
Greek Isle I Finished!
Greek Isle I Gift

The ribbon is the fabric I used for the binding…..the recipient loves purple and I didn’t have any suitable purple batiks in my stash……but my magnificent thrifted shirt collection had a perfect alternative 😉

Happy quilting, Cherie

Orange You Glad

Orange you glad I found some orange shirts at my latest GW shopping trip?  I sure am because I was thought I had enough broken dishes blocks, buuuut then I thought I could make my BD’s quilt bigger 😉  This month I made only one combo in orange for the RSC as I didn’t have any other orange shirtings.  I do love this combo though 🙂

Linking up with So Scrappy, for the 2018 Rainbow Challenge.

Scrap Club Finish

I finally finished off the uneven log cabin throw from scrap club.  True to form, I was sewing down the binding right up to the last minute and this is the only picture I have of it 😉

Happy Quilting, Cherie