A Shout Out

Hey, I made Jo’s blog today….check it out here.  Jo accepts quilt tops to quilt (and bind, don’t forget that part!) for donation when there’s a disaster and quilts are given for comfort, other special cases or for fund raising for different charities.  I completed the top for ZigZag 9 in June 2011 (post here).

Zigzag 9 TopAs I mention in that post, I didn’t realize it was going to be so BIG!!  92″ x 102″  I love blue and green together and just wanted to make a blue & green quilt…..however, with no recipient in mind, I asked Jo if she would accept a quilt this big.  Well, Jo got it beautifully quilted AND bound.  Thank you, Jo, you’ve made this into something worth giving 🙂

ZigZag 9 topAnd here’s Zigzag 9 with Ruby, Jo’s beagle!

Zigzag 9 with Ruby

At Last

Yes, I know, it’s been awhile 😉  You know how it is, the longer it’s been since you’ve had a post, the harder it is to get back to it.  But there is something so very exciting, so wonderful, so happy feet, that I have to share!  Check out Julie’s post, “May I have a Drum Roll Please“.  Well, go on, I’ll wait. 

Whoot, Whoot!!  Did you read all about it?  Click the “Secret Society of Barn Builder’s” on my side bar to read more about how Julie included a group of us in her wonderful barn building experience.  Of course, as soon as you look for barn inspiration, you start seeing cool barns everywhere.  Here’s a picture of the Ryan Round barn in Johnson Sauk Trail State Park in northern Illinois.  We took the back roads to see some of the wind turbines up close and we found the Ryan Round barn by happenstance. 


2014-07-20 13.54.24Ryan Round Barn – which is enormous!

Here’s a few other cool things we saw on that trip…..

2014-07-20 13.41.37Quilt Block barn

2014-07-20 14.53.07-1Wind Turbine.  These things are HUGE!!

2014-07-20 14.58.09 2014-07-20 15.07.36An underground house, with wind turbines in the distance.